AFL Injuries

AFL Injuries

Our osteopath practitioners at Principle Four Osteopathy Melbourne City and Melbourne Docklands clinics have experience treating many of the most common AFL injuries.  Injuries are usually classified as acute and may result from trauma resulting in fractures, dislocations or muscle/ligament strains/sprains, whereas there are many chronic musculoskeletal complaints that typically presents in those individuals who are playing football as a result of overuse. 


Common Trauma Related Injuries in AFL Include:


Common Musculoskeletal Injuries In AFL Include:


Typically when a traumatic injury occurs during the game there will be an incident report filed and you will be assessed, treated and managed by the sports therapists.  This may include some icing, stretching, rest and referral to the hospital.  It is important to have the acute traumatic injury assessed, treated and diagnosed to ensure that the correct treatment and management can be conducted.


How Can An Osteopath Help With A Traumatic Injury?

Your Osteopath will be able conduct a thorough case history and examination to identify what tissues have been injured. Your Osteopath may also decide that you require further assessment and investigation and may refer you to one of Principle Four Osteopathy Trusted Professional Network such as Sports Medical Doctor or for imaging.

Overuse injuries typically occur during Pre Season after an extended break at the end of the AFL season.  Players often resume skill training, aerobic conditioning training and strength and conditioning training and poor prescription and management of ones training program and body can result in overuse injuries developing.


How Can An Osteopathy Help With An Overuse Injury?

Your Osteopath will be able to conduct a thorough case history and examination to identify what tissues have been injured.  Typically with an overuse injury, assessing your movement and understanding your training loads can help the Osteopath identify the cause of your injury.  Whilst treatment at the site of the pain is important, assessing the other parts of the body further away from the site of pain can provide insight as to why the tissue has been overused and become sore.  Typically with an overuse injury it is important to conduct some treatment and provide an appropriate mobility, stretching and strengthening program to prevent further recurrence.  For those individuals suffering from an overuse injury, they may benefit from: Osteopathy, Functional Movement Screen & Corrective Exercise consultation.

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