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Principle Four Osteopathy has many cyclists attend the clinic for the treatment of cycling related aches and pains.


Common Cycling Related Injuries & Complaints Treated Include:



How Can An Osteopath at Principle Four Osteopathy help you?

  • Your Osteopath will be able to provide advice and help identify what the cause or aggravating and maintaining factors for your injury might be.  This may include bike set up, cycling and overall training loads, cycling technique and physical restrictions and tightness in the body.
  • Your Osteopath will recommend and refer to a local cycling ergonomic specialist if required.
  • Your Osteopath will provide you with a diagnosis, treatment and management plan to allow you to return to cycling or continue with cycling whilst trying to reduce the aggravation and maintenance of your injury or complaint.
  • Your Osteopath will provide you with advice and instruction on how to better manage your injury through stretching, mobility and strengthening work.  Find out more information about our Functional Movement Screen and Exercise Prescription consultation.
  • Your Osteopath will provide you with advice and instruction on the best way to prevent this injury from recurring.
  • Find out more about our Osteopathy Practitioners at Principle Four Osteopathy.

To find out more about how to better treat and manage your cycling related injuries or to improve your overall performance, please call 03 9670 9290 or book an appointment online to see one of our Osteopaths at Principle Four Osteopathy.

Got questions? Read our FAQs!

Want to book a session?

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