Osteopath Melbourne

Osteopath Melbourne


Principle Four Osteopathy is located in the hCollins St P4Oeart of the Melbourne City CBD at Pleasance House, Level 4, 178 Collins St, Melbourne 3000.


Our clinic/studio is very different to many other osteopathy clinics in the CBD as we focus on both manual therapy (in room treatment) and exercise rehabilitation / strength and conditioning.


Depending on our clients musculoskeletal complaint, the typical client pathway involves:


  • Initial consultation – detailed case history, assessment, diagnosis and discussion of our treatment and management plan.
  • Manual therapy consult
  • Manual therapy combined with exercise rehab (getting the exercise rehab program started) consults
  • Exercise rehabilitation / strength and conditioning consult
  • Self management plan for the client with regards to injury prevention and developing physical capacity or performance. This is often in the form of a review every 4-8 weeks to update ones exercise program


Note: The process described above is just an example of the typical pathway clients take at our clinic. Ones treatment and management may vary depending on their complaint and goals.


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