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Principle Four Osteopathy Blog

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Ramblings from your osteopath about all things movement, exercise rehabilitation, strength and conditioning and workplace ergonomics.

Written for the general public and allied health professional

10 Jan 15 Worst “Health Drinks”

Check out the recent article that I was put onto by my Osteopathic colleague James Dodd and owner of Back to Back, The Earlsfield Osteopath in the UK.  The article titled "The 15 WORST sugary drinks in Britain: Orange juice with as much sugar as...

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09 Jan The PTC Progressive Poundage Method

2014 is here and this year I have made a promise to myself to be more structured in my training program and set some  goals with regards to my weight lifting. At this stage my lifting goals are focused on: 1.  Bench Press 1.5* body weight 2.  Deadlift...

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22 Dec Improving Your Laptop Ergonomics

How many of you at home have a laptop and use it for either work or personal use in the following ways?                           It would be very difficult for many of us to say that we have never used the laptop in the ways as demonstrated above....

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