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Ramblings from your osteopath about all things movement, exercise rehabilitation, strength and conditioning and workplace ergonomics.

Written for the general public and allied health professional

12 Apr Rocktape Applications For Lower Limb Injuries

Just a quick update on the Rocktape seminar that I attended today.  The course was run in Braeside and looked at the application of Rocktape for lower limb injuries.  Conditions covered included: Plantarfasciitis Achilles Tendinitis Calf Strains Shin Splints Anterior Knee Pain Lateral Ankle Sprains Quad and Hamstring Strains Techniques to reduce swelling...

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21 Mar Dry Needling & Electro Dry Needling

Dr Abbas Din Osteopath has recently joined Principle Four Osteopathy and has a special interest in Dry Needling and Electro Dry Needling.  Dry Needling is where acupuncture needles are placed into the body for the treatment of trigger points within the muscles.  Dry needling is...

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18 Mar Exercising Can Help Increase Bone Density

I decided to write this article after recently reading a post in the forum section of PTONTHENET on training clients with Osteopenia and Osteoporosis.  Both of these conditions predominantly effect women, typically aged 50+.  However this is not to say that men and women younger...

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