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Ramblings from your osteopath about all things movement, exercise rehabilitation, strength and conditioning and workplace ergonomics.

Written for the general public and allied health professional

20 Aug Achilles Tendinopathy Exercises

For those of you out there that have an Achilles Tendinopathy injury or know someone who has, you will all know how frustrating these injuries can be in regards to how they can impact on your daily life and ability to exercise. Whilst there are...

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19 Aug Training Trendz Education Website Launch

So we can finally say that our website is finally up and running.  Whilst only in its infancy still, the website has shown great potential and we are looking to build the number of great educators and partners involved with the website.  The website...

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08 Jul Improving Ergonomics In The Workplace

The workplace environment is one area that often gets a brief mention in the allied health consultation and often clients are advised to seek out and undergo a workplace assessment to help reduce the risk of the computer set up and seated posture contributing to...

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08 Jul What is the best swimming stroke?

This article was brought to my attention by Osteopath James Dodd of Back to Back, The Earlsfield Osteopath, UK.  This article looks at "Delineating the Perfect Swim Stroke", published by the New York Times.  For all of you swimmers out there, click here to read. ...

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