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Principle Four Osteopathy Blog

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Ramblings from your osteopath about all things movement, exercise rehabilitation, strength and conditioning and workplace ergonomics.

Written for the general public and allied health professional

01 Mar Craig Liebenson Audio Seminar

Check out the latest talk from Craig Liebenson at In this talk he covers a lot of information about the likes of Janda, Gray Cook and assessment, treatment and conditioning strategies. Craig Liebenson has written a great book on rehab that can...

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24 Feb Sore Knees From Running

Recently I have seen an influx of ITB syndrome and Patellar Maltracking issues in the clinic. These have typically resulted from an increase in training load (increasing running km too much too soon, increasing the training frequency too much too soon, running on hard...

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24 Feb Treating The Common Ankle Sprain

The ankle sprain is one of the more common lower limb injuries incurred by the individual who exercises and for those who don't. The cause of injury can be as simple as rolling over the ankle whilst walking or during a sporting event. ...

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