Post Surgery Knee Rehabilitation

Post Surgery Knee Rehabilitation


Pre habiltiation and post rehabilitation from knee surgery is an important part of the management process for an individual with a knee injury.  Pre and post rehabilitation is relevant to all knee injuries requiring surgery and includes knee arthroscopes, repair of ACL, PCL or other ligamentous injuries, meniscal tears, patellofemoral surgery and knee replacements.

Pre surgery rehabilitation or exercise is often implemented so that an individual can look to reduce atrophy of the lower limb and maintain where possible,  movement, strength and balance of the lower limb.  The pre habilitation phase often varies in time and will depend on the nature of the injury and when the individual is due to be booked in for surgery and when they first started seeing an osteopath or physio.  Often the osteopath may diagnose a knee condition following trauma to the knee and will see the client from the injured phase all the way through to the rehabilitation and return to sport or everyday activity.  Other times they may only see the client before surgery or after surgery.


Pre Habilitation

  • Your osteopath may carry out some hands on manual therapy to the site of injury or work on the areas above and below as part of the hands on treatment.
  • The osteopath may also provide you with a variety of stretches, mobility exercises or strengthening exercises to address the tissues and joints around the injured area.
  • Prescription of treatment and exercises will vary greatly from individual to individual and will be based on the injury type, individual presentation and goals relative to pre surgery.


Post Surgery Rehabilitation

  • The ultimate goal will be to help you return to the activities and sports that you were performing pre injury.  The time frame for rehabilitation and return to these activities will depend on the injury type, surgery performed and an individuals presentation.
  • Your osteopath may provide a combination of hands on manual therapy and other techniques such as taping and dry needling to help restore normal range of movement and biomechanics to the lower body, hips and pelvis.
  • Your osteopath will prescribe you an appropriate rehabilitation program that allows you to make a graded return to your pre injury activities and sports.  Rehabilitation is often broken up into several phases and during each phase you will be prescribed a number of stretches and exercises.


To find out more about these conditions and how you can better treat and manage these conditions, please call 03 9670 9290 or book an appointment online to see one of our osteopaths at Principle Four Osteopathy.


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