Postural Assessment – Workplace Wellbeing

Postural Assessment – Corporate Health and Wellness 

Postural Assessments

Principle Four Osteopathy in conjunction with Corporate Work Health Australia are now offering companies within the Melbourne city and greater region the opportunity to implement posture assessment – wellbeing screen consultations with their workers.


Postural Assessment – Wellbeing Screen Consultations


  • 20 minutes per worker

Whats Involved:

  • Standing and seated posture examination.
  • Question time for any specific musculoskeletal complaints that you might have.
  • Question time for any questions relating to your sitting posture at work and workplace ergonomics.
  • Advice and prescription of appropriate stretches, mobility exercises and theraband strengthening exercises.
  • Note:  The consultation will be carried out in your work clothes.


Benefits Of Undertaking A Posture Assessment – Wellbeing Consultation

  • rehabAsk questions with regards to concerns around any specific musculoskeletal complaints. 
  • Identify areas of tightness or restrictions in the body that may be impacting on your posture.
  • Be shown how to adopt a better sitting posture.
  • Be instructed in simple stretches or mobility exercises that can be incorporated at home, work or gym to address areas of tightness and restrictions.
  • Be instructed in some theraband postural strengthening exercises to conduct at work or home.
  • Discuss opportunities to improve activity within the workplace.


More About Our Practitioners Who Conduct The Posture Assessment – Wellbeing Consultations

This service is provided by Osteopaths Heath Williams, Timothy McNamara and Cathryn Leszczynski of Principle Four Osteopathy.  Read more about the practitioners by clicking here.   All off the osteopaths at Principle Four Osteopathy have experience in treating a wide range of musculoskeletal complaints as well as having completed many 100’s of ergonomic risk assessments across the Melbourne city cbd and docklands area. 


How do I book a posture assessment – wellbeing screen for my workplace?

To find out more about the postural wellbeing screen consultations, simply email or call 1300 951 519.

For those companies wanting a more bespoke service, please let us know so that we can discuss your needs further and adapt or create a service to suit your needs.



We have set up our osteopathy clinic in a space that includes both private osteopathy consulting rooms and a strength and conditioning/exercise rehab space as we are aware of the need to educate and support our clients with active management strategies.


We have strategically incorporated our clinics within these health and fitness studios so that we are able to provide our clients with other services such as Functional Movement ScreenExercise Prescription/Strength and ConditioningCrossfit Movement Screening using pilates and traditional gym/resistance based training equipment.  All of our osteopaths are experienced in exercise prescription and we pride ourselves on providing you with a tailored treatment and management plan to suit your specific needs and goals.


Our osteopathy clinic is located within the heart of the Melbourne City CBD so that we are also only ever a short walk away from corporate offices for undertaking offsite ergonomic risk assessments and manual handling risk assessments and training.

Got questions? Read our FAQs!

Want to book a session?

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