Shaun Coghlan

P4O Shaun Coghlan

Principle Four Osteopathy – Shaun Coghlan – Osteopath

  • Shaun is available for consultations at our Melbourne City CBD Clinic on Monday and Wednesdays.
  • Shaun has a keen interest in workplace ergonomics and exercise rehabilitation.
  • Outside of private clinical practice, Shaun coaches junior basketball and also undertakes work site office ergonomic risk assessments for Corporate Work Health Australia.
  • Shaun also currently works part time at The Osteopaths (Blackburn Melbourne) clinic

Shaun Coghlan Provides The Following Services At Principle Four Osteopathy

Post Graduate Courses Completed

    • Level 1 Sports Trainer Course – SMA
    • Rocktape Taping Course – Rocktape Australia
    • Level 1 Myofasical Dry Needling and Cupping – Manual Medicine Australasia
    • Ergonomic Risk Assessment Course – Corporate Work Health Australia
    • Introduction to kettlebells for Rehabilitation – Nick Efthimou (osteopath) and James Ross (S&C)
    • Dynamic and Sports Rigid Taping Workshop – Paul Herman (osteopath)
    • Mobility, Stability and Motor Control For Performance – Greg Dea (FMS)
    • Introduction to Strength Training For Allied Health Professionals – Martyn Girvan (S&C Coach), Daniel Di Pasqua (S&C Coach) & Heath Williams (osteopath)
    • Vehicle Ergonomic Risk Assessment Course – Corporate Work Health Australia
    • Mick Hughes – Non Operative Management Of ACL Feb 2020
    • Using psychological pain management tools and news ways of communicating with your patients in the physical therapy setting – Helen Mentha Mentha Consulting Motivational Interviewing and Kaye Frankcom
    • Exercise for chronic pain 2 hour workshop – Nick Efthimiou (osteopath)
    • Strength and Conditioning Applications For Upper Body / Lumbar Spine and Lower Body Musculoskeletal Complaints – 2 day workshop – Martyn Girvan (S&C), Daniel Di Pasqua (S&C Melb Storm), Heath Williams (osteopath / s&c)
    • Reconciling biomechanics with pain science – Greg Lehman (physiotherapist/chiropractor)
    • Extracorporeal shockwave therapy education course – DJO Global Chattanooga – 1 day course – Cliff Eaton (physio)
    • Tendinopathies – Sports Doctor Karen Holzer – South Yarra Sports Medicine
    • Kinetic Link Training – Level 1 – Wayne Rogers Physiotherapist
    • Lyn Watson Shoulder Course – Level 1 – Lyn Watson
    • 5 Step Kinetic Chain Screen Workshop – Free 2 Move – Grant Burrows Osteopath – Nov 2019

More About Osteopath Shaun Coghlan

  • Shaun has previously worked as a sports trainer at the Whitehorse Football Club and has treated athletes at several other sporting events including netball and dodgeball.
  • Shaun also works for Corporate Work Health Australia Pty Ltd who specialise in workplace ergonomic assessments and education, and currently conducts ergonomic training and risk assessments across Melbourne.
  • Shaun is an avid basketballer. After playing for more than 10 years, including a tour of the USA, he now enjoys a coaching role in both the junior and senior program at the Blackburn Basketball Club.

Certified Practitioner 

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