Rehabilitation Following A Fracture

Rehabilitation Following A Fracture


Typically the injured client will undergo a period of 4-6 weeks immobilisation following a fracture.  In some cases there may be a shorter or longer time frame and this will depend on many factors such as the type of fracture, the individuals self healing abilities, the complexity of the fracture and site within the body.



A simple non complicated fracture is commonly seen in the radius and ulnar and a good example of the healing phase is that the individual is likely to be in a plaster cast for  4-6 weeks.  As you can imagine following a period of immobilisation, there is going to be a lot of disuse atrophy of the muscles around the area that was cast.  It is also common to find that joints around the area i.e. wrist and shoulder may also be more stiff than normal due to the lack of mobility as a result of immobilising the area.  Rehabilitation following such as injury will focus on restoring normal soft tissue muscle length and function to the injured area, normal joint mechanics and set out a plan to start the strength and conditioning of the area.  This will entail a graded return to what ever activities the individual was performing prior to the injury.  The osteopath may prescribe a variety of stretching, mobilisers and strength exercises to help with this process.


How Can An Osteopath At Principle Four Osteopathy Help You?

  • Your Osteopath will take a thorough case history and perform a detailed assessment to diagnose your injury and complaint.
  • Your Osteopath will provide you with a treatment and management plan that is appropriate for your injury and in line with the latest research and evidence for your injury.
  • Your Osteopath will provide you with a treatment and management plan that is line with your specific goals, whether this be to eliminate pain, work without pain or return to sport or activity.
    Your Osteopath will help identify any potential maintaining and aggravating factors for your injury and provide you with solutions to reduce this. This may include an assessment of how you perform specific tasks and an ergonomic risk assessment of your workstation and suggest equipment or changes to improve your ergonomics.
  • Your Osteopath will provide hands on osteopathic manual therapy that may include soft tissue massage, stretching, dry needling, taping and mobilisation. Find out more about our Osteopathy consultation.
  • Your Osteopath will provide you with self management strategies regarding your injury management and prevention strategy. This may include referral to one of our Trusted Professional Network, advice on pain management with ice and rest, assessment and prescription of a stretching, mobility and strengthening program. Find out more about our Functional Movement Screen or Exercise Prescription/Rehabilitation Consultation.

To find out more about these conditions and how you can better treat and manage these conditions, please call 03 9670 9290 or book an appointment online to see one of our osteopathy practitioners at Principle Four Osteopathy.


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