Exercise Rehab | Strength and Conditioning

Exercise Rehab | Strength and Conditioning At Principle Four Osteopathy

Strength & Conditioning Consultations / Exercise Rehabilitation Consultations At Principle Four Osteopathy


Initial consultation $120 (60 minutes)Barbell and Weights

Who: Clients looking to start a strength and conditioning/exercise rehabilitation program for the management of their musculoskeletal complaints or individuals looking to improve health and wellbeing or physical performance.

Standard Subsequent consultations $95 (30-40 minutes)

Who:  Clients who require a standard follow up strength and conditioning/exercise rehab consultation.

Long Subsequent consultation $120 (60 minutes)

Who:  Clients requiring a longer follow up strength and conditioning/exercise rehab consultation.

Note:  Your osteopath will advise you with regards to whether they feel you will require a standard or long subsequent consultation depending on your plan and goals.


Strength & Conditioning / Exercise Rehabilitation Initial Consultation


Consultation includes:Kettlebells Many

    • Case history
    • Osteopathic and orthopedic assessment
    • Motivational interviewing & goal setting
    • Individually Tailored Exercise Program Development
    • Email and phone support


    Strength & Conditioning / Exercise Rehabilitation Subsequent Consultation


    Consultation involves:P4O Power bands

      • Case history & muscululoskeletal assessment
      • Exercise prescription | Strength and conditioning program i.e. taking you through the program
      • Phone and email support


    Note:  All individuals must undergo an initial consultation prior to undertaking our standard exercise rehab | strength & conditioning consultations




    • The initial exercise rehabilitation consultation / strength and conditioning consultation prescription takes approximately 60 minutes. Information gathered from the initial consultation is used to prescribe a program to best suit your needs for your follow up consultation.
    • Each individuals program is completely unique and is tailored to the individual and will consist of stretches, mobilisers and resistance based exercises.
    • Our program is aligned to your goals and needs to ensure that we give you the best opportunity to achieve these goals.
    • It is suggested that every individual review their exercise program every 6-8 weeks depending on their specific goals.


    For more information about prescribing an exercise program specific to you, book an appointment online below or simply call 03 9670 9290.


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