Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

Functional Movement Screening (FMS) At Principle Four Osteopathy

Functional Movement Screen (FMS) At Principle Four Osteopathy

A Functional Movement Screen (FMS) involves our Osteopathy Practitioners taking you through the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) developed by Physiotherapist Gray Cook and a number of other tests to assess your balance, stability, movement, strength and endurance and identify imbalances, weaknesses, asymmetries and movement restrictions in the body.

Cost:           $175

Duration:  80 minutes + home program (photos/email)




Who would benefit from a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Consultation?


    • Individuals with chronic musculoskeletal complaints i.e. overuse injuries, tendinopathies, recurrent strains and sprains.
    • Individuals wanting a tailored exercise program to improve movement, wellbeing and performance.
    • Individuals playing a specific sport and looking to improve performance and movement.


      Note: For those individuals who are currently in acute pain, this consultation is not for you and we would recommend an SFMA consultation or Osteopathy consultation.


      What Will Having A Functional Movement Screen Involve?


        • The osteopath will take a short case history to gain some insight into your current lifestyle and musculoskeletal health.
        • The osteopath will ask you to identify some goals as to what you would like to achieve following the functional movement screen.
        • The osteopath may take you through a series of orthopaedic tests to ensure that it is safe to conduct a functional movements screen
        • The osteopath will take you through  series of tests to assess your balance, stability and mobility.
        • The osteopath will discuss with you your strengths, weaknesses and areas of restriction relating to the functional movement screen.
        • The osteopath will devise an exercise program for you that will address any stability, mobility or balance issues identified from the functional movement screen.
        • The consultation takes approximately 60-80minutes.
        • Please make sure you bring along a change of shorts, tshirt, singlet and runners for the functional movement screen.


          A More In Depth Look At What Is Involved In A Functional Movement ScreenP4O OHEP Gym


            • Case history
            • Postural assessment
            • Gait assessment
            • Balance & Proprioception excursion tests
            • Functional movement screen (FMS as created by Gray Cook)
            • Movement assessment of Squat, Lunge, Step Up/Down, Push & Pull movement
            • Osteopathic and Orthopedic assessment


              Find out more the FMS at the FMS website by clicking here.   


              Book an appointment online below or simply call 03 9670 9290


              If you would like to find out more about the FMS or SFMA, please email or call Heath at Principle Four Osteopathy on 03 9670 9290.

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