Shoulder treatment incorporating the whole body / Bruce Duncan Osteopath

19 Oct Shoulder treatment incorporating the whole body / Bruce Duncan Osteopath

On Friday 18th October 2019 Principle Four Osteopathy had North Carlton Osteopathy osteopath Bruce Duncan present his 2 hour practical workshop “shoulder treatment incorporating the whole body” to the our team of osteopaths.

Bruce has been an osteopath since 1992 and currently runs his busy practice in North Carlton (North Carlton Osteopathy) whilst also being the osteopath to the Hawthorn Football club and osteopath to the Australian Tennis Tournament. Read more about Bruce here.

The session involved a combination of both direct and indirect treatment strategies to the shoulder girdle and associated regions. Bruce demonstrated and then had our team practice the techniques whilst providing some valuable feedback. Treatment techniques were focused on the scapular, clavicle, ribs, thoracic and cervical spine joints and included both high velocity low amplitude techniques, articulation/mobilisation and balanced ligamentous release techniques.

Glenohumeral joint treatment technique
Clavicle treatment technique

The P4O team (Heath, Tim, Shaun and Jarrod) took a lot out of the session and would like to say a big thanks to Bruce for the session.

At P4O we commonly see shoulder complaints in the clinic and we are always looking for strategies and techniques to add to our tool box so that we can better assist our clients. Common shoulder complaints seen at the clinic include subacromial impingment (stiff and/or painful shoulder), irritable shoulders with bursitis, rotator cuff strains, rotator cuff and biceps tendinopathy, adhesive capsulitis and the hypermobile and unstable shoulder. Our approach is to take a holistic approach by looking not just at your shoulder, but all the areas above and below that could be contributing (neck, thoracic spine, hip etc) and we aim to work with you to identify aggravating and maintaining factors, then providing manual therapy treatment if appropriate and active management strategies that you can implement (stretching, mobility and exercise) as well as pain management advice.

Our clinic is located on Level 4 at 178 Collins St Melbourne City CBD. If you would like to book into see one of our team at Principle Four Osteopathy, please click here.

Heath Williams

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