Our Vision

Our Vision At Principle Four Osteopathy

Our Vision At Principle Four Osteopathy – Your Melbourne City CBD Osteopath


Our vision at Principle Four Osteopathy is to focus on the client, their goals and providing them with a treatment and management plan that suits them.

We know that there is no one approach for everyone and therefore we tailor our treatment and management plan to every individual.  Some people and some injuries may only require a couple of treatments, whereas others many require a longer treatment plan.  Some injuries and some people may require more of a manual therapy focus, whereas others require a workplace assessment or a strength and conditioning approach.  Some may require all of these approaches.

When you attend Principle Four Osteopathy we will listen, gain an understanding of what your musculoskeletal issue is, have you identify with some short and long term goals and then look to provide you with some options moving forwards with regards to treatment and management.  In some cases we may refer you to another practitioner if we feel this will assist you in the treatment and management of your complaint.

We are very much focused on a consultative approach and are open and transparent in our communication and plan so that we can work together with you to help you get out of pain or move towards a specific goal.


What Makes Our Clinic Different To Other Allied Health Professional Clinics (osteopathy, physiotherapy, myotherapy, chiropractic)?


Read our FAQs page if you have any general questions.

Call us on  0396709290 or email info@principle4.com if you have any specific questions.

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